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What is the balance scooter

  • Autor:Panson
  • Suelte el:2017-08-30
Electric balance car, also called somatosensory car, thinking car, camera and so on. There are two main types of single wheel and double wheel on the market. The principle of operation is mainly based on a basic principle called Dynamic (Stabilization).
Using the gyroscope and acceleration sensor in the car body to detect the change of the attitude of the car body, the servo control system is used to drive the motor accurately and adjust accordingly to keep the balance of the system. It is a new type of green environmental protection product which is used by modern people as a means of transportation and recreation.
With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the number of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. At the same time, scientists, after painstaking research, finally developed a new type of two wheel electric balance car. The two wheeled electric balance vehicle is a new type of vehicle. It is different from the front and rear wheel arrangement of electric bicycles and motorcycles, but is fixed by two wheels in side by side. Balancing two wheeled electric car with two wheels, battery powered, brushless motor drive, coupled with the MCU control, attitude sensor acquisition of angular velocity and angle signal, cooperate to control the balance of the body, the body only depend on the change of center of gravity can start, acceleration, deceleration, stop vehicle.