Xinli personal transporter 2 Wheel Stand up offroad Segway Electric Chariot scooter for Sale

Xinli personal transporter 2 Wheel Stand up offroad Segway Electric Chariot scooter for Sale

  • Net Weight: 56 kg
  • Dimension: 87*45*60 cm
  • Max cruise speed: 18km/h
  • Max load: 125 kg
  • Max. Mileage: 30-35 km
  • Max climb capability: 30 degree
  • Min turning radius: 0
  • Charging time: 6-8 h 
  • Battery: PB, 36V, 42Ah
  • Power: Two imported DC Motor, 1600W
  • Voltage: 100 v-240 v
  • Max Power: 2000 watts (2*800w/pc)
  • Lifetime of battery: 1-3 years
  • Tire: 19*7-8inch shock-absorb tire
  • Wheel: Superior integrated aluminum magnesium alloy
  • Height of handle: 80-110 cm adjustable
  • Height of footplate: 10in / 26cm
  • Max. Height above ground: 13 cm

ESOI off road electric scooter is a personal transporter specially designed for all terrain use. It uses gyroscope to intelligently control the balance. It moves forward or backward as the center of your gravity goes. What makes it special is its super huge tires with shining aluminum-magnesium alloy rim hub and the strong power coming from two imported powerful motors. The turning radius is zero, so it can be operated at a very narrow space.


We've got a lot of accessories to make it more useful. We add a front bag on the scooter. It can hold your keys, cellphone and wallet, etc. A bracket can be mounted to carry your golf bag. You can ride the scooter on a square, on a golf court, to a shopping mall, or even best to breathe some fresh air in a park or forest!


With adjustable handle, it is suitable for both kids and adults. It can be driven by simply moving your body. You can learn to drive in minutes! Want a personal transporter that frees you from fatigue and brings you infinite joy? Then come on and let’s start a fantastic journey!

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Shenzhen EcoRider Ρομποτική Limited


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