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EcoRider Newest Folding, High performance, High speed electric scooter E4-9

  • Author:Vivi
  • Source:EcoRider
  • Release on:2018-12-20

EcoRider Newest Folding, High performance, High speed electric scooterE4-9

Nowadays, Many users in the city now choose mobile scooters like this, but many products on the market can't provide good driving quality and comfort. After all, they don't have excellent suspension and shock absorption systems.

Our company(Shenzhen EcoRider Robotic Limited) has a complete supply system and we are constantly improving the development of products that meet the market demand - E4-9 2000W Off road Folding Electric Scooter.

Our E4-9 Dual Motor Electric Scooter is equipped with front and rear dual disc brake system, which has superior performance and good braking performance, and always ensures riding safety.3 seconds Quick Folding Design,making your trip safer and more convenient. Suitable for off-road.

The use of a vacuum tire provides excellent shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even in rough terrain.The 2000W Brushless DC Motor Hub Motor delivers speeds of up to 60 km/h with a maximum climb angle of 25 ° and a built-in 48V/20.8 AH rechargeable lithium battery that provides a cruising range of 40 km.

All of our products are very affordable as our company has its own factory to guarantee quality. At present, this electric scooter is very popular among customers. Contact us, let's talk more!