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Intel launches delivery Robot: Send out food&drink in a balance scooter

  • Author:Nicole
  • Release on :2017-05-23
At the Xponential 2017 Conference, the Intel CEO Brian M. Krzanich used a cellphone to order a bottle of drink, and then a delivery robot slowly took to the stage, and Brian M. Krzanich used the password on the phone to open the box on the robot and take out the drink.

If you look closely, the rear two wheels of this robot are like a common balancing car in our daily life, in fact, the robot is also related to the balance of the car, this is the Segway & Nanbo's Robotics Division Robotics and Intel co-launch of the Express robot Loomo go.

  Loomo Go is a a automatic driving capacity distribution robot, actually based on the Segway robot Loomo expansion development, mainly used to improve the efficiency of the last kilometer distribution, using robotics instead of the delivery of repetitive and time-consuming walking.
Unlike many of the current concepts of land delivery robots, Loomo go uses automatic, manual driving dual-use design, in this, Segway & Nanbo Vice President Baili said, the reason is to make a dual-use is to enable the robot not only to save Labor, but also with the courier to work with flexibility to deal with the reality of the complex situation in the scene.

According to the introduction, this Loomo go distribution robot based on visual and radio-assisted navigation to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy indoors and outdoors, can achieve seamless indoor and outdoor operations in the unmanned environment, according to the Segway Robotics, similar visual navigation technology in the self-driving scooter, Google ar mobile phone tango and by a variety of senior analysts predicted IPhone8 can be found.
  Compared to self-driving cars and handheld devices on the freeway, Loomo go has been optimized in the context of mobile robots in the walking environment, giving it a higher degree of precision and good stability in indoor and outdoor mixing scenarios.