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The 123rd Canton Fair opens

  • Author:Vivi
  • Source:People's Daily
  • Release on :2018-04-16
Guangzhou, April 15 (Reporter Li Gang) The 123rd meeting of the 15th China Import and Export Commodities Fair opened at the Guangzhou Canton Fair, participating in a total of 24,554 Chinese and foreign companies, a total exhibition area of ​​1,185,000 square meters, and the total number of booths. 60,475

The Canton Fair has replaced the display space 152, which is located in the advanced level of production, representing the Chinese brand, the second exhibition of the brand of the export exhibition area, the second one hundred and forty-nine new energy special exhibition, intellectual property and brand, high-tech , The Canton Fair for the optimization of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly products will be the most prominent of this meeting in the Chinese manufacturing and new image of Chinese brands.

The Canton Fair International Pavilion has a total of 6 product zones, with a total of 617 companies from 34 countries and regions participating. From the companies along 382 countries and regions, 21 countries participated in the “One Way Market”, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, etc., and participated in the “On the Road” of the State Pavilion.

Canton Fair spokesperson Xu Bing, deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, has launched the 101st International Conference Hall since 2007, bringing together nearly 10,000 companies to participate in more than 100 countries and regions. This time, Canton Fair set up the first "International Health Day Health Large Industrial Cluster" to attract high-end biochemical chemicals from the United States, France, Germany and other countries.

The initiative was “on the road” and a series of activities were carried out to create a one-stop shop for the Canton Fair, participate in international exhibitors and buyers, and dig for domestic platforms to help the conference. Currently, the import of hot markets, mining The two parties fully understand the preferential policies and provide high-quality one-stop matching programs for overseas products.

As a window showing that the Chinese government is protecting intellectual property and promoting innovation, the Canton Fair places special emphasis on the protection of intellectual property rights and innovation-driven development. National exhibitions and law enforcement agencies in Guangdong Province, as well as professional trade dispute settlement, mediation experts stationed inviting the Ministry of Commerce, the school's Commissioner Association Import and Export Chamber of Commerce foreign aid, complaints center of the reception oriented to improve the method of optimization of the environment, fair treatment of cases It is simple and open to ensure that rights holders can exercise legal protection.