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The Promotions for Golden Season

  • Author:Celia
  • Release on :2016-09-18
Golden Month! To get the World Smart Scooter. 

--- Ecorider greatest promotional detonate "golden month" .

On September 15th, Ecorider golden monthly deals detonated in advance, to bring its range of smart electric scooter straight down 20%. 

Ecorider as a leader of balancing scooter , at this time , his rich products deal in the golden month so that consumers dizzying and election victorious election. And he spend a lot of money to let consumers to achieve real benefits and a strong after-sales support.
Gold months to create the perfect quality "month". 
The quality is the first thing. If you have no hand you can not make a fist. If they can not provide high-quality products for consumers, the brand is the root of the tree, without water, can not develop and grow . 

Ecorider position in the middle and high-end for R & D, manufacturing, sales advanced quality electric vehicles, which it is necessary that Ecorider strict in production control. Each process orderly, climbing test, obstacle test, speed test and other experiments to ensure that the finished product shipments pass rate more than 99%.
Ecorider put its application, the promotion, to achieve the ultimate popularity. Since 2013 to open the international market, Ecorider passed Europe GS, CE, ROHS, FCC certification authority.
After four years of development, "Ecorider" products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in Europe, America and so on. 

Ecorider maximum efforts to promote the brushless motor section, which is one of the first in China using a brushless motor electric vehicle manufacturers.
With Ecorider to promote this new product, balancing smart travel scooter becomes more and more popular. During the Christmas and the exhibition, Ecorider launched the "promotion" Activities and triggered a strong response and achieved a wide acclaim that is hot scene. 

Ecorider have been able to achieve today's success, and it is necessary with its embrace of technological innovation philosophy.Ecorider management believe that it is absolutely worth for R & D investment. After 4 years, Ecorider launched eight product series, for example, intelligent environmental design with short-haul travel won the majority of praise. 

In the short term, the new balancing scooter products tend to have a significant improvement in the appearance, structure, consumers will have a better experience of the pilot;
In the long term, new products lead the industry trend and with high added value. Ecorider evolved with these star products . 
Ecorider peak Promotions detonate "golden month" .
According to the relevant person in charge Ecorider, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, during September 15-October 20 , Ecorider will selecte several kinds of products to meet consumers different balancing scooter preferences, the highest discount is rate of 20%.
In the "Golden Month", the ordinary price for a high-quality balancing scooter that this is an opportunity, I believe you will not miss!