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The first electric balance car standard baked: no more than 20 kilometers per hour

  • Author:znphc tianhe
  • Source:Lei Feng net
  • Release on :2017-01-03
The first electric car balance standard of China released, will not dare to open it on the Pentium.
In recent years, the balance of electric cars as a means of artifact is very popular in the country. I believe everyone Xiaobian and Lei Feng, see a lot of it happy in the street. It was originally used as a trendy toy, but now it has become a lot of office workers transport. With the electric balance of the car is more and more popular, it is also a public security risks have to pay attention to. For example, some businesses through the modification of the electric balance car, the original design of the top speed of 18 km per hour to improve the balance of the car to the speed of 30 km. Because the electric car balance without any protective device for high speed traffic accidents, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.
This year, Beijing, Shanghai and other places have introduced relevant policies, a total ban on electric vehicles, electric skateboards and other illegal vehicles on the road. Recently, according to surging news reports, the first electric balance car standards freshly baked.
Yesterday (20), in the supervision department, the national quality inspection administration, the National Standardization Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "National Committee") and the national certification and Accreditation Administration (hereinafter referred to as the "Commission") under the support of the Alibaba,, brand and Chinese electrical science research Institute and other domestic authoritative third party certification agency the "emerging commodity industry standard alliance in Guangzhou, covering the data line, the balance of electric cars and wait for the traffic recorder. The government and the drafting of the standard hope to improve the industry's self-discipline.
From the "general technical conditions" the balance of electric cars can be seen in the standard by Guangdong product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, Alibaba limited, Guangdong Province Electric Vehicle Association of Shenzhen, music world science and technology limited company as the main drafting unit, the provisions of the electric car balance the maximum speed of not more than 20km/h.
It is understood that the current national community groups have 365 standards open. The emergence and iteration of emerging goods are often faster than the national and industry standards update." Vice president of Alibaba group Zhou Sheng and introduction. It is understood that the Union level standards will continue to cover children's smart watches, eye protection lamp collar, and is expected to rise to national standards or industry standards.