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The origin of electric skateboard

  • Author:Lisa
  • Release on :2016-12-28
After traditional skateboard, Scooter is yet another new product form of skateboarding. The scooter can reach speeds of 20 km/, this new product from advanced science and technology of Japan, but was a Germany workers invention, it is a simple labor-saving machinery.

As early as three years ago, scooters have been introduced into China, but prices were too high, few people interested in it. Until recently, the price suddenly decline, coupled with production house were crazy about it to intensify its marketing, to make it "big Wang" skateboarding, the most important thing is the vehicle must have a high degree of savvy and guts, this is in line with imaginative, likes to challenge teenagers taste and now the scooter has become the trend of the new generation of adolescents sports products. Obviously, its charm can be comparable to skateboard!

Scooter swept Japan in Southeast Asia, its easy, as long as a minute to learn, 10 minutes to make a few tricks. Scooter the heat gradually to land as soon as possible the domestic market. "Scooter" very light, weight 3kg, when stored in a collapsed State, expanded or folded up in 30 seconds.
Scooter because of moderate speed, eager to easy manipulation, brake (hit the rear wheel brake), if you just want to travel, general entertainment, General do not easily fall. So it is good for the use of a variety of ages, in particular among young people is a must for people who love to take pride in owning a vehicle. Scooter is the balance of underdeveloped system for adolescents is good exercise.
Origin of scooter: Scooter's origin in 1993, a young woman named Sieghartstxaka Germany engineers to solve their traffic problems, the two slide wheels in a piece of aluminium, and elastic properties of a metal handrail and on the scooter. He used months will be improved a day after he went to the station to go to work. He inspired handheld Scooter to work at the beginning, it was all people----including passers-by and his colleagues scorned. But before long, an investor come he thinks the hand-held Scooter is very market opportunities. He is willing to invest in production of this "great invention". Then, a few years ago, scooters and popular in Europe and America, came to China after 5 years.