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The world's first spherical tire balance car was made in Germany.

  • Author:Panson
  • Release on :2017-05-24
You still remember, ding little before you introduced a solid-specific concept of spherical tires?

  The A tires that the car can drive sideways.
  At that time my evaluation of it is: the idea is good, but too advanced, in the short term must not be created.
  Hey, you say people, you can't mess up flag, the reality is to slap me.
  Yes, there's a geek in Germany, really.
  Just a balanced car
  U o Spherical tyre balancing car

  Spit trough, the car name of U is a German letter, I played for a while not dozen out ...
  This is the A can be 360 ° in any direction of the ball wheel balance car.
  To tell the truth, this car's styling, a bit too "casual."
  But this kind of casual has a primitive and simple technology sense.
  A feel with the first generation of Iron Man.

  Well, for the sake of the spherical tyre, I forgave it.
  Before everyone always felt the need to take a spherical tire as a wheel, there is a critical problem that is not solved:
  A spherical tyre does not have a rotating center like a normal wheel, which can be put on a drive axle.

  How to fix and drive a spherical tyre?
  The solid-specific solution is maglev, which sounds very advanced.
  But we all know that this is a concept design, the manufacturers want to how to blow.

  It is not easy to do magnetic levitation under existing conditions.
  Let's get down to earth, or use the solid drive to drive the tires.
  The German uncle had a groundbreaking plan:
  The wheels are fixed together with three transmission gears.

  Three gears through the coordinated transmission, the tires can be 360 degrees in any direction.

  Ding Shao did not go to the Institute of Steam repair, with their own poor physics common sense, with you to analyze the structure of the principle of U O.
  By adjusting the three gears to achieve different rotational speeds, the resultant force can drive the tires in either direction.
  I do not know if you can understand, can not understand you pretend to understand the good.
  Let's take a closer look at this tire, this is solid tire, solid!

  Each transmission gear has 27 ball bearings, on the one hand to provide a strong support;
  On the other hand is also to reduce the number of motors at the same time transmission, the gear by the vertical direction of friction.
  German, really ...
  Come and see the driving effect.
  You can go in any direction 360 ° anyway.

  Walk backwards also so easy, this small rotation coquettish very ↓ ↓

  And look at the most ox-X, Snake-Pile ↓ ↓

  Have you noticed that uncle has been holding a stick while driving.
  Officials say it has a joystick on top of the stick, which is used to control the movement of vehicles.

  Just like a remote car.
  When Ding Shao first set foot on the wheel balance car, fall a dog to eat excrement that afternoon.

  I feel more and more secure when driving, holding a stick.
  You see, how easy it is to get in the car.

  Of course, as a balanced vehicle with a extreme passenger winds, the Happy Valley is also indispensable.

  In the future, if you're on the road, you'll see something that's flashing fast.
  That could be someone riding o out of the waves.
  U o Although the mechanical structure is complex, it is not bad at speed.
  The maximum speed can reach 12km Ho.

  Overall, the car's cool property is larger than the utility property.
  But I guess that's because the German uncle doesn't have enough money.
  If you have enough money, he'll make you a four-wheeled car.

  In the end, ding-Shao also wants to talk about this uncle.
  Uncle called Olaf Winkler, first a car engineer, but also worked in Shanghai for a period of time.
  Then thought of the idea of U O, immediately resigned his good work to make a balanced car ...
  Crazy Geek Uncle ~