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New Fashion Foldable E-scooter/ electric scooters with 10.4ah lithium batteryNew Fashion Foldable E-scooter/ electric scooters with 10.4ah lithium batteryNew Fashion Foldable E-scooter/ electric scooters with 10.4ah lithium batteryNew Fashion Foldable E-scooter/ electric scooters with 10.4ah lithium battery

New Fashion Foldable E-scooter/ electric scooters with 10.4ah lithium battery

  • Power:350W
  • Voltage:36v
  • Certification:CE
  • Foldable:Yes
  • Range Per Charge:20-30Km
  • Tire Size:8.5inch
  • Product name:new design electric scooter
  • Maximum speed:25KM/H
  • Max load:100kgs
  • Motor:36V 350W brushless motor
  • Battery:36V 10.4Ah
New Fashion Foldable E-scooter/ electric scooters with 36v 10.4ah battery "

Products Description
Model Number E4-3
colors Black ,White,Yellow,Blue,Green
Max speeding 25KM/H (15Mile)
Ranger per charge 25-30 KM
Motor Power brushless 350 watt
Charge time 5h
Battery 36V  7.4Ah or 10.4 Ah Samsung / LG Battery
Max upsope angle 15 c
Working -20~60 c
Charge Voltage AC 100v-220v  50-60HZ
Voltage 36V
Proudct size 106*110*47cm (unfold)/96*18*37cm (fold)
Tire Size 8.5inch
Net weight 12KG for 7.8Ah
Warranty 12 months

7 reasons to get a E4 kick scooter!

1.E4 Kick scooting is a breeze
Kick scooting is a natural movement that can be handled by everyone. If needed, you can easily jump from kick scooter and go walking. You or your children can avoid road transport by using the sidewalk or bicycle path.

2.With E4 kick scooter to health
Kick scooting burden evenly throughout the body. On a kick scooter you activate both the lower and and upper limbs, but also the abdominal and back muscles. Among kick scooter riders you will find amateurs of all ages and top athletes meanwhile training. Physiotherapists recommend kick scooting as a suplement to rehabilitation, or prevention of pain in the cervical and lumbar spine. E4 Kick scooting also saves the joints.Children still pay attention to drive it.

3.Effective some weight loss with joy
E4 Kick scooting burns up to 30% more energy than cycling. Women in particular appreciate the opportunity to shape the problematic parts of your thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and waist. Of course, it is up to you how intensive ride you choose.
But the main thing is that it's still fun!

4.Perfect way of transport
There is no better vehicle to a city full of people than kick scooter. You will make shorter distances much faster than walking and sometimes you will arrive sooner than if you would traveled by public transport. Kick scooter has excellent maneuverability and is less bulky than bicycle. Kick scooter can also use sidewalks, without a problem you will carry it on a tram, bus or subway. In addition, you do not lose anything from your elegance. Women and girls can dressess. Men, by contrast, do not need to worry about tourning pants or wrinkling suit. A good way for E-walking!

5.Practicality and easy maintenance
E4 Kick scooter is easy to transport in car or in means of public transport. You can equip it with basket on the bottle, fenders, panniers or even a front bicycle seats. Thanks to high-quality parts, E4 scooter requires little maintenance.

6.Environmentally friendly mean of transport
E4 Kick scooter ride combines a healthy lifestyle and a responsible approach to the environment. Kick scooter as a mean of transport does not pollute the air with fumes or noise.

7.Joy & Fund
E4 Kick scooting is mostly a great deal of fun! No matter if you workout, relax, walk your dog or you travel to school or office, E4 kick scooter will be bring you joy of movement. Enjoy E4, enjoy a lifestyle!

This is a Ecorider traffic tool with fashion look wherever you go, you can ride to bus stop, office, metro, for working, or coffee shop, park for dating without any problem!

Let's dancing along the road and enjoy the day ~~ Whenever you are , we are here! 

Why choose us?
As we can give you top quality product with reasonable price, we can give you very good service.Fast delivery, customs clearance for express duty fees altogether, dropshipping service, etc.
Our E4 scooter products is with CE ROHS FCC certification, charger is with UL, IEC62133, CE ROHS certification, battery is with MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133 etc. certification.

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